Recently, I decided I wanted to work on my Sketch UI skills a bit more so I found the Daily UI challenge. The prompts come to your inbox once a day and just simply tell you things to create. It’s very open ended – more open ended than I expected, which for me made it more challenging.

My new goal is to do one of these challenges a day and share them here on my blog.

So for Daily UI 001, the challenge was to create a sign up page/form/landing screen.

I found this awesome photo full of color, which sometimes is lacking in UX and UI, so she was my muse for the coloring of the app. I called it Hy because I wanted it to be something to do with hair and if you’re a woman, you know you have got to keep your hair hydrated (especially if you’re coloring it like crazy).

It’s pretty straight forward. Hope you like it!