For today’s UI challenge, I was tasked with creating a landing page. Again, the topic was open ended, so I decided to tackle on one of the topics I know very well – weddings!

This landing page is to help grow the email list for a wedding planning company, which I named Mango Olive Events after two of my puppies (see photos below the landing page).

What I know from UX is that in order to convert, there can’t be too many CTA’s and it’s a lot easier to make something happen when you aren’t asking for a ton of information. Keeping it to the first name and email address makes it easy for the consumer to fill out without feeling like they’re giving their life away – and it gives the wedding planner enough information to reach out to the potential client. Another necessity is making sure the content of the landing page proves the company to be trustworthy. What I wrote should convince any bride-to-be (or groom-to-be) that the company is worthwhile and at the same time gives the potential clients a feel for the mission of Mango Olive Events.

It’s simple, not overly designed, and straightforward.

Now for the puppies:

Mango (my first Weimaraner baby, born 6/16/16, who prematurely passed away at 7 months old)

And baby Olive, who came home with us on November 4, 2017 (Weimaraner, born 9/1/17)!

We also have handsome Mav, who we got shortly after Mango passed away (Vizsla, born 11/27/16)