Social Share

August 7, 2018 nikkischell_c6tqam

For today’s Daily UI, I was challenged to create a social share object. I created this, based on a chocolate […]

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Music Player

August 6, 2018 nikkischell_c6tqam
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404 Error Page

August 5, 2018 nikkischell_c6tqam
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August 4, 2018 nikkischell_c6tqam

The challenge today was to create settings! I chose to create settings for an app called “New in Town!”

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Social Profile

August 3, 2018 nikkischell_c6tqam

Today’s daily UI challenge was to create a social profile. I created this! It’s for an app used to find […]

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App Icon

August 2, 2018 nikkischell_c6tqam

For the 005 challenge, I had to create an app icon. I use an app almost daily that’s called Honeybook, […]

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August 1, 2018 nikkischell_c6tqam

For this challenge, I had to design a calculator. The prompt gave a few options, like a mortgage calculator, or […]

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Landing Page

July 31, 2018 nikkischell_c6tqam

For today’s UI challenge, I was tasked with creating a landing page. Again, the topic was open ended, so I […]

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Credit Card Checkout

July 30, 2018 nikkischell_c6tqam

The challenge today was to make a credit card checkout form. A few things I wanted to incorporate: A nice […]

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Sign Up Page

July 29, 2018 nikkischell_c6tqam

Recently, I decided I wanted to work on my Sketch UI skills a bit more so I found the Daily […]

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