August Schell Enterprises Website Redesign

The Problem

August Schell Enterprises, a federal technology company, has a web presence but it’s severely lacking. The website doesn’t explain at all what the company does and does not help in providing more leads or getting more business. The website needs to showcase the partnerships the company has while also explaining the three main facets of the business.

The Process

  • Research the User

  • I created personas based 1) a company looking to partner with August Schell. This could be a technology distrubuter partner or a company seeking VC backing. 2) a company that already does partner with August schell. 3) a company that needs the solutions or services we provide.

    In order to create the personas, I studied the analytics of our current website, talked to stakeholders of the company, and worked with partner companies of the organization to figure out their needs.

  • Create Mock Ups

  • Using Balsamiq, I created a few different mock ups. I presented 2 versions to my supervisor, who then worked with me to refine the UX of both mock ups, until we were able to decide what one to go with.

  • Design Prototype

  • After creating the most refined mock up for the new website, I was able to create a working prototype using Sketch for the visual design and Invision for the prototype.

The Solution

After a few rounds of edits and presentations, I was able to design this version of the new website. It fits the most recently updated branding guidelines for August Schell and clearly explains what the company does. It is aimed at users trying to get a good overview of the company and gain a trust in the companies mission and goals.